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Rian van Rijsbergen Psychologist / Psychotherapist colegio CV13745

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Rian van Rijsbergen trained in the Netherlands and subsequently has practiced for a great number of years on an international level. Initially she specialised in hypnotherapy and psychosomatic problems. And after coming to Spain in 2003 she trained in psychodynamic diagnosis and psychoanalytic concepts such as bonding problems, social skills, coping mechanisms, interpersonal relationships, and personality disorders. She uses scientifically proven psychometric tests to help the patient clarify his problems by gaining insight and understanding. As she sees her work as an ongoing she is now studying for a master clinical and health psychopathology now at UNED in Madrid.

The problems she treats are:

Psychosomatic problems

Bonding problems

Mood disorders such as depression, dysthymia

Anxiety disorders such as stress, phobias, OCD


Behavioural problems; relationships problems, lifestyle, finding meaning after retirement, anger


Sexual problems