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I’m Vanessa and I am a Registered Nurse with post-graduate qualifications in sexual health and contraception.  After many years working at a busy Greater London GUM clinic, I am now the Practice Nurse at the Family Medical Centre in Albir, near Benidorm.

I started a Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) testing clinic in Albir in October 2016 after learning that anonymous clinics solely for treating these issues, like the GUM clinics in the UK, aren´t available in Spain. The UK is the world leader in its provision of sexual health services so I wanted to use my expertise here as there is a very real need for it. I work in the same way here as I did for the NHS. Everyone is welcome and, in order to protect confidentiality, no ID is required.

I offer advanced STI screening with results within 24hrs for most tests, and treatment if needed. All STI testing can be done via blood tests if the client prefers.  HPV and Hepatitis A & B vaccinations are available with prior notice.  People with a vagina can have a Cervical Smear Test at the same time as their STI swab screen if they wish.  During a consultation I can advise people on safe and healthy sexual relations, give sex education to young people and adults, advise on the best contraceptive options for them, conduct contraceptive pill checks, provide risky-behaviour advice and help work through mitigating factors, and counsel clients in how to tell their sexual partners if a test comes back positive.

Sexual Health is still a very taboo subject and many people suffer in silence when they don´t have to.  I consider myself approachable and lend a non-judgmental ear to all of my clients.  I see people of all ages, sexualities, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, people working in the sex/party industry, those attending swingers events, people trying to get pregnant, the list goes on…  All I ask of my clients is that they´re completely honest with me about their sexual practices ensuring I provide the best service and appropriate testing for them.

Many people ask me if they need to be tested for STIs.  My answer is always “yes, if you have ever had sex without a condom”.
Here’s why…
Imagine you´re a virgin and you have sex with another virgin – you´re coming into contact with the “germs” of just one person.
Now, say for example your first sexual partner has had unprotected sex with 5 people prior to you – you´re in contact with the “germs” of 6 people.
If you then use the same theory of 5 partners for each new partner you have, and each of their previous partners also having 5 previous partners and so on, by your 10th partner change you´ve come into contact with the “germs” of more than 12 million people!

So even if you think you´re “Okay down there”, it´s still a good idea to get checked after each partner change to ensure you have the All Clear.

People spend a lot of money on material items, but very little on their health.  A sexual health screen should be part of your annual MOT, especially if you have changed sexual partner, because without good health you can´t enjoy those material things.

Consultations are available 09.30 – 14.00 Monday to Friday and can be booked by calling the Family Medical Centre on 966 865 072.

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Dont delay, book your appointment today on 966 865 072

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