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Halitosis (bad breath) is not only embarrassing but can be a sign of ill health.

One of the most common causes (not attributed to a health issue) is smoking and the only way to solve that is to quit! If you do want to quit smoking seek advice from your local medical centre as there are now many, many ways to help you to become a non-smoker.

Another non medical cause is diet – especially garlic and spicy foods which most of us love! This is not a problem if you and your partner both have a curry or bread & ali oli together!!

A dry mouth can also lead to halitosis. A dry mouth may be a sign of general ill health or a side effect of certain medications. Increasing fluid intake will help.

One of the most common causes of halitosis due to a health issue is tooth decay or gum disease. If you notice (or a friend is kind enough to tell you) that you are suffering from bad breath and you have not had a recent dental check-up the first person to see will be your dentist.

If you are given a clear bill of health and the problem of bad breath continues despite good dental hygiene, a person should visit their G.P. as persistent halitosis can be a sign of a simple health issue that can be easily corrected or a more serious medical condition such as:

  • Kidney disease.
  • Liver disease
  • Some cancers
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Reflux
  • Post nasal drip

There is a rare psychiatric condition called delusional halitosis whereby a person who may or who may not be suffering from bad breath brushes their teeth continually throughout the day and uses excessive mouth wash. If you are in doubt ask a trusted friend for their opinion.

If halitosis is suspected, lifestyle changes do not help, and there is no dental problem, do see your Family Doctor.

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