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The era of e-cigarettes is here and it is a booming billion dollar industry. Unfortunately the growing popularity of e-cigarettes is racing faster than research into their safety.

How e-cigarettes work

All brands basically work the same way. There is a battery, a heating element and a cartridge that holds nicotine and other liquids and flavourings. Some are disposable whilst others have a rechargeable battery and refillable cartridges.

They are made to look like a real cigarette. The end glows when inhaled and during exhalation a puff of vapour is released.

Are They Safe?

There is no question that the nicotine inside the cartridges is addictive. When a person stops using it they can get withdrawal symptoms including feeling irritable, depressed, restless and anxious. It can be dangerous for people with certain heart conditions. However, evidence so far suggests that e-cigarettes may be safer than regular cigarettes. Tests show the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are a fraction of what you'd get from a real cigarette.

Pros and Cons

E-cigarettes have triggered a fierce debate among health experts. The biggest danger from tobacco is smoke and of course e-cigarettes don’t burn. But they disagree about whether e-cigarettes make the problem better or worse.

Opponents say that because nicotine is addictive, e-cigarettes could be a "gateway drug," leading non-smokers and kids to use tobacco. They also worry that manufacturers with huge advertising budgets and celebrity endorsements could make smoking popular again. This would destroy any good that has come out of anti-smoking campaigns.

Some supporters believe that e-cigarettes could help people quit, just like nicotine gum.

Whichever side of the fence you sit, I think that most people would agree that undoubtably, the best case scenario is to quit smoking cigarettes altogether, be it normal cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Laser therapy – a different approach to giving up smoking

For those who’ve tried other ways to ‘kick the habit’ laser therapy may be the answer. It is completely painless and has no side effects whatsoever. So how does it work? Once the low level (cold) laser is activated on acupuncture points, endorphins (natural painkillers in your body) are released. This has a calming and relaxing effect and eliminates the desire for a cigarette. Laser also takes away cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Therapy also includes 24 hour back-up and support from our laser technician Anni Mann.

For more information about stopping smoking with laser contact the Family Medical Centre, Albir 966 865 072

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